Your Magical cervix and why it matters

Yes most people have never thought or probably attempted to feel their cervix. However the cervix as we like to say is a magical piece of connective tissue that not only is the doorway to life, but can tell us so much about our vaginal health. Your cervix has been described like a little squishy donut right at the top of your uterus. The little hole in the middle allows your blood to flow out during your period and sperm to enter during ovulation.

A few magical facts:

Did you know your cervix changes position, moving up and down like a yoyo depending on which stage of your cycle you are on. Not only does it change in height but changes in firmness and the little hole in the middle opens and close.

During your period your cervix tends to be low and firm and slightly open to allow the blood to flow. Towards the end of your period your cervix will close. As your cycle moves along to ovulations page it will start to rise and get softer bringing you to your peak of ovulation where your cervix will be at its highest, be moist and opens up to allow for semen to swim through. Once you get through your ovulation stage your cervix will start its decent towards the menstrual stage.

3. Maybe baby?
Trying to conceive? Your cervix can be a good indicator if you are trying to track your baby making window. Getting to know your cervix by feeling it during your cycle will be a good guide. When your cervix is at it’s highest, feels soft and even slightly open could be a good indictor that your cervix is ready to welcome baby making juices!

4. Did someone say orgasm?
Try stimulating your cervix! Some people believe that cervix stimulation can get your body in total ecstasy mode. Think of full body orgasmic waves! Ummm yes please!

5. The magical gate; keeping your baby safe.
Your cervix acts as a magical gate to keep your baby safe. Not only does it rise al the way up but it shuts up shop for 9 months by forming a mucus plug keeping any bugs away so baby can thrive. When baby is ready to come out your cervix will lower, shed its plug and the cervical opening will expand right up to 10cm to allow your baby into the world.

6. Getting in touch with your cervix will help you detect any abnormalities.
By feeling your cervix regularly you can be one step ahead. If you feel any new lumps or bumps that weren’t there previously this can be a good indicator to head to your gyno. Same goes for changes in your cervical fluid.

So although your cervix is tucked nicely in your vagina, it’s no excuse to dismiss it. Everything we are born with serves a purpose and getting up close and personal with it has so many benefits you can learn from.

So are you ready to get up close and personal with your cervix? We reckon it’s time!