Why switch to menstrual cup?

Before we delve into the pros of a cup we want to let you know we are not trying to brain wash you into trying something gimmicky and something that is going to be a waste of time. Here at Franki we genuinely want all our Frankettes to experience what all of us here have experienced by using a cup. Total period freedom and control of your periods! We created Franki because we know that although cups aren’t new to the market they are definitely under used and under exposed.

We understand you probably have only been used to tampons and pads from the get go, so the thought of trying something new can seem pretty daunting. But like all new things in life you try, practice and patience is the key.

The benefits will certainly out way any doubts you may have. You just need to give it time and more importantly get to know your body. And yes we are talking about your inner body, the vagina!

So here goes.

  1. They are totally reusable for up to 5 years or more
  2. They don’t smell like tampons and pads
  3. They don’t itch like pads
  4. Super comfortable you won’t even know your are wearing one.
  5. Great for busy people who don’t have time to go on toilet breaks every few hours
  6. Easy to use once you get the hang of them
  7. They will always be on standby so you never get caught short
  8. They will help you save a whole lot of money
  9. They don’t contain harmful chemicals and toxins like tampons and pads
  10. Plastic free so the planet can benefit from recyclable packaging and reduced period waste.
  11. They don’t dry out your vagina like tampons. A cup will collect the blood unlike tampons that absorb your blood and any other vaginal fluids
  12. Reduced yeast or bacterial infections.
  13. Can be worn anytime, anywhere no matter what you are doing.

So you probably wondering what the cons are. Well to be ‘franki’ with you we don’t think there are any. But these are a few things to be aware of.

  1. There is a learning curve with them which will require you getting to know your inner vagina so you get the correct placement of the cup.
  2. They are a bigger investment upfront. About 6-8 periods worth of singles use to purchase a cup.
  3. You will get to be up close and personal with your blood, but that definitely isn’t a con as your blood can tell you a lot about your flow and vaginal health. You just need to get your head around it and after a few cycles it will be normal. A trick is also to clean out your cup in the shower, makes cleaning a breeze.

So there you have it. Hope we can convince you to make the switch to feel good period care. We promise you you won’t regret it!