Maxi period cup


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We are so happy you have decided to make the switch to a better feel-good period care routine. We promise you you won’t look back.

  • Up to 12 hours leak-free protection
  • Easier and more convenient periods
  • Hold 3-5 times more than tampons
  • A period product better for the environment
  • Reusable and last up to 5 years
  • Can be worn anytime and anywhere
  • Super comfy you won’t even know your wearing one
  • A happier wallet
  • Made from FDA approved 100% medical grade silicone
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Wash with with the Franki wash or gentle soap.
No fragrances or alcohols.
  • Sanitise your cup using the boiling method between period cycles, use Franki Cup Spa or the Franki Electric Steriliser.
  • Mini - Recommended for early teens and for those of you who know you have a petite vagina. If you usually use the smallest, mini tampons this might be for you.
  • Midi - Our most popular size, and usually best for people up to their early 30's. If you have a strong pelvic floor muscles and/or haven’t given birth. If you know you have weak pelvic floor muscles you may want to go up a size. If you have had vaginal birth/s but keep your pelvic floors on a solid routine then this cup might still be the right fit.
  • Maxi - Recommended if you’ve had a baby and/or you’ve got weak pelvic floor muscles then you might want to consider the Maxi. As a guide, we say this is usually women in their 30's and above. If you’ve had a baby vaginally and know your pelvic floors are back in tip-top shape (well done you) then our Midi should do the trick

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  • Wash - Thoroughly wash your hands and clean your Franki cup with the Franki wash or gentle soap. No fragrances or alcohols.
  • Fold - Fold your cup using the punch down fold, c-fold or 7 fold. Watch our handy videos below. Keep it folded in one hand.
  • Insert - Get comfortable in a sitting, standing or squatting position. Relax (this bit is key). Keeping your cup folded, separate your labia and insert your folded cup into your vagina.
  • Remove - Locate the stem of your cup to get to the ridges. Give the base of the cup a gentle squeeze to break the suction and guide your cup out in an upright position.
  • Empty - You can empty your blood in the toilet or for an easy clean solution in the shower
  • Clean - Rinse your cup with cold water first, followed by hot water. You may want to use our Franki Wash between uses to keep it in tip-top condition. At the start and end of your period sanitise your cup thoroughly using the boiling method, our Franki Pop Up Sanitiser Cup or the Franki Steamer.
  • On the Go - If you do not have any running water it is safe to simply give your cup a wipe with toilet paper or our Franki On the Go Wipes and reinsert.

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Customer Reviews

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Olivia Medd
Quality design - would definately recommend

I previously used a supermarket brand cup and both times they started to fail when the join on the rubber started coming apart. Because of this, there were lots of nooks and crannies for germs to hide in which made them really hard to clean and quite unhygienic. I was stoked to find the Franki cup had no seam/join so it's super easy to keep clean and the rubber material is such good quality. My only negative comment would be that there was no mention of a shipping charge throughout the entire online ordering process, even when submitting my payment, which resulted in my credit card being charged more than what the order said. Either way, I'd recommend getting one!