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YOUR COMPLETE intimate care kit

Made from all natural ingredients right here in New Zealand for a happy cup and happy vagina.

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All Natural, no nasties

Our ingredients are all-natural, have no synthetic fragrances, are paraben-free and contain no nasties. They are perfectly pH balanced to keep your vagina happy and perfectly suited to our silicone products to keep your cup happy too.

Do I need lubricant?

If you suffer from dryness down there then you’ll benefit from using Franki Lube. This water based lubricant is perfect for your Franki silicone-based products and will make inserting your cup super-smooth and easy. Contains only natural ingredients, no fragrances and absolutely no nasties that could irritate your skin.

You can even use your Franki Lube for a bit of fun times, if you know what we mean!

Keep clean on the go

Franki has thought of everything to make that time of the month a breeze. With a full range of on the go solutions to keep your cup clean and your hands germ free!

Gel Wash

All natural sanitising wash for your cup and hands. Keeping your cup squeaky clean in between uses.



Say hello to your Franki Cups’ own personal spa. Now we reckon that is cup luxury at it’s finest!


On the Go WIPES

Our Franki On the Go Wipes are the perfect solution to give your cup a quick once over before reinserting.

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Electric steriliser

Give your cup the luxury it deserves with its own sanitising steamer. No more using your kitchen pot! Cup TLC at its finest!

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Hand santiser

Small and compact it’s your perfect handbag companion when you are stuck short of running water or just need to make sure your hands stay germ free.