My cervix is acting like a yoyo! How will my cup fit?

As you know our cervix is a magical thing, constantly moving up and down during your cycle. You should (we hope) have explored your cervix by now and felt your cervix throughout your cycle, and have a better understanding of how high or low it can get. This is good to know so that you can understand how to better wear your period cup.

When your cervix sits lower, generally at the start of your period you may find the stem of your cup hanging out your vagina which will feel uncomfortable. If you know your cervix sits low most of the time you might benefit from timing the stem off completely.

However if your cervix is really playing up like a yoyo flipping your cup inside out will give you more options. You can wear your cup flipped on your lower cervix days and when your cervix rockets all the way back up flip it back so that you have access to the stem for easy location of your cup. Easy peasy!

And remember your cup cannot get lost in vagina. Your cervix acts like a bolt to your uterus. If you feel you can’t locate your cup it just means you cup has found its way right up into your vaginal canal. Just relax and bare down your pelvic floor muscles as if you were about to do a poo. This will push your cup down so you can locate the stem!

And by all means feel free to grab a couple of cups so that you can trim one completely and keep one intact for your different cervix height days.