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The Franki All Cycle Long Underwear can be used when you are on your period to replace pads. They can also be used for discharge, postpartum bleeding, bladder leakage or a back up partner to your period cup when you are a cup newbie.

Period underwear can be used as a free bleeding option. Much like a pad, but we reckon better as they don’t budge and aren’t bulky. Simply pop them on and get on with your day.

The Franki All Cycle Long Underwear can be worn anytime anywhere. They make great overnight buddies as they avoid any leaks during the night. Some of our Frankettes use them as back up partners to tampons or cups on their heavy flow nights. Because they aren’t bulky they can be worn with anything without screaming out you are on your period!

Everyones flow is different but our Franki All Cycle Long Underwear can hold up to 40 mls of blood without leaking, that is about 4 tampons worth. However we do recommend changing once you feel like you would more comfortable in a fresh pair.

Simply rinse under cold water and pop it in with your laundry.Do not put through the dryer as this can ruin their special internal moisture wicking layer. We recommend line drying or drying flat.

The Franki All Cycle Long Underwear have 4 layers.

  1. Outer fabric made of organic bamboo cotton
  2. Leak proof layer
  3. Liquid storage layer to lock in the fluid
  4. Absorbing layer which is an anti bacterial and anti odour technology.