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Reusable pads are much like single use pads except they are, well reusable! Not only are the made from the softest bamboo terry cotton so they feel soft against your skin, they do not contain any harmful toxins or chemicals like some single use pads. They are much better for the environment as there is no waste.

Franki pads are great as an alternative to single use pads and are worn the same way, but with way more benefits and better for your body and the environment. They can also be used for discharge, postpartum bleeding or bladder leakage.

Our pads come in 4 sizes and in packs of 3. You generally change your Franki Pads just like you would your single use pads. The size chart can help you choose which size works for you.

Our SMALL is more of a liner, so best for super light days, spotting or as a backup partner to your cup.

Our MEDIUM to XLARGE are for medium- heavy flow/overnights.

We recommend you start with two packs of 2 different sizes. If you experience very heavy overnight periods we definitely recommend an XL for maximum back to front protection.

With proper care your pads can last 1-2 years.

Use them the same way you would single use pads. Simply pop them on your underwear, snap the snap domes shut to the desired width and wear. When you are ready to change simply unsnap your domes, fold your pad and snap the domes back shut. You can store your pad in its little wet bag until you are ready to wash.

Simply rinse under cold water and pop it in with your laundry. Do not put through the dryer as this can ruin their special internal moisture wicking layer. We recommend line drying or drying flat.
Our special washing powder is also designed to power through blood stains so your pads stay nice and white.

They are made from 4 healthy and eco friendly layers.

  1. Outer layer is made from PUL waterproof fabric to keep your underwear nice and Clea.
  2. 2 internal microfibre layers to absorb the blood.
  3. Bamboo terry cotton so it feels nice and soft against your skin.