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So to put it simply a menstrual or period cup is somewhat like a reusable tampon. It is inserted in the same way but instead of absorbing your blood it collects it making it healthier for your body and reducing the risk of infections. Anyone at any stage of their menstrual life span can start using a menstrual cup.

A menstrual cup not only is better for you but can give you anywhere between 8-12 hours of leak free protection making it a more convenient alternative to single use period care.

Well where do we start?

  1. You get up to 12 hour leak free protection. No more bloody sheets or unexpected toilet breaks.
  2. No more toxins and chemicals going in or against your body from tampons and pads.
  3. You will be helping cut down on single use period products and packaging that goes into our landfills.
  4. You will save a whole lot of money investing in a period cup than you would buying singles use. One cup will cost you $45 and in one year you can spend anywhere between $60-$80 on disposable period care. Which brings us to our next pro.
  5. One cup used for 5 years saves you on overage 1500 tampons and pads, now that’s pretty cool!

A cup can be done no matter what you are doing and any time of the day and night. Because of its 8-12 hour leak protection, you can go swimming, running, go to the beach, work out and have a blissful 10-hour sleep with no worries.

Just like a tampon your period cup goes into your vaginal canal so only you will know and another perk is no sneaky strings making their way out of your underwear or bikinis. So your secret is safe, although here at Franki we are all about spreading the Franki Cup Love. Once you have mastered your cup we encourage you to tell your bestie, sister or the whole world!

Your Franki Cup should not be felt when worn properly. Although it takes a little bit of practice, (we recommend 3 cycles to properly get the hang of it)once inside you should not feel it. If it feels uncomfortable you may not have positioned your cup properly. Your cup should be inserted towards your tailbone.

Check out our PERIOD CUP page it will have all the info you need to select the right period cup for you. Frank Period Cups come in three sizes for every sized vagina.

First things first. When you first get your cup you must sanitise it. You can use the boil method, our electric steamer steriliser or pop-up steriliser. Milton tablets are also great if you are overseas and can’t boil them. You must also sanitiser your cup at the end and start of each cycle to make sure your cup is squeaky clean and free of germs.

Check out are PERIOD CARE page for more info.

Once you have emptied your cup you can just give it a quick rinse and reinsert. If you want to give it a clean in between you can use our Franki Gel Wash to give it a good clean or use one of the Franki Wipes.

Check out are PERIOD CARE page for more info.

If you don’t have any running water no problem. Your cup is safe to reinsert after emptying. If you feel there is a bit of blood on the outside you can use some toilet paper or one of our Franki All Natural Wipes to give it a once over. Our Franki Pop-Up Cleaner is also a good way to give it a rinse.

Check out are PERIOD CARE page for more info.

No in the long term a Franki Cup is designed to not need any back up protection. However like anything when you are new to something it may take a few cycles to get the hang of it and you may experience some leaks. Soo we have designed some super comfortable reusable liners and underwear to help you along your journey.

Insert your cup towards your tailbone like you would a tampon. Your cup sit in your vaginal canal and the cup should pop open. Simply swipe your finger around to make sure it has opened and hasn’t got any folds. The stem should not be out of your vagina and neither should the base. If the stem is out it’s time for a chop and if the ridges hang out you may have a very low cervix and it may not be the right fit.

Check out all our PERIOD CUP pages.

We recommend putting your cup in if you know your period might be coming in the night. Because your cup doesn’t absorb your vaginal fluids it is safe to pop your cup in.

No your cervix, or vagina bung is only an exit point. It doesn’t allow blood, discharges or babies back into the uterus! So don’t worry your period will come out and not back in.

Cups can hold up to 4-5 tampons worth of bloody, we think that’s bloody amazing! So we recommend changing your cup every 8-12 hours. When your first starting out its a good idea to get a gage on your flow by changing it every 4 hours and seeing how full your cup gets. Your period generally starts out heavier at the beginning so you may need to change your cup more often on the first few days. But rest assured it is safe to stay in for up to 12 hours. (Our Australian friends recommend 8 hours)

Your Franki Cup should not give you any pain. However, if it does give you discomfort just try removing it on an angle above a toilet or shower and wriggling it around slowly. Once you get used to your Franki Cup you should get used to it.

Nope! We don’t think so. With practice, you should be able to remove it with little to no blood. A little hack is removing your cup in the shower and reinserting it for quick and easy cleaning.

We have heard this many times and we cannot stress enough. It cannot get lost! Your cervix is at the top of your vaginal canal and acts as a bung or stop to your uterus. You may just have a high uterus and after wearing your cup may have risen higher up in your vaginal canal. Just relax and bare down your muscles as if you were doing a poo. This will help your muscles move your cup further down your vaginal canal.

Ok if your cup feels stuck it may just be you are tensing up and your vaginal muscles are not want to release the cup! I know we told you your vagina would love your cup! But ok on a serious. Remain calm to relax your vaginal muscles and pinch the ridges of your cup to break the seal and wriggle it down. And voila!

Don’t panic because cups do not create a breeding ground for bacteria everything will be fine. Just take it out as soon as you realise, rinse and reinsert.

We cannot recommend having sex and it is also not advised. However masturbation is totally fine, we say go hard, masturbation is a great way to alleviate cramps and give you some good loving during some of your period blues. As with sex we recommend avoiding any internal masturbation but we will leave that up to your discretion.

Nope, it’s safe to stay in there. If your cup does move during bowel movements simply wriggle it back up.

Yes, it is safe to wear. If you have any questions we recommend asking your doctor.

Yes, you can but just be aware of your string when you remove it. Any questions you can ask your doctor, he may even suggest trimming the sting.

No, it’s a big no-no. You need to allow your body to heal. However, our Franki Underwears are perfect for postpartum bleeding.

Our cups are made from 100% medical-grade silicone so unfortunately for those with silicone allergies these will not be suitable.

No. TSS is mainly associated with tampons and the materials they use that create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

No, because your cup doesn’t absorb fluids and you are not inserting any nasties in your vagina you will have a happy vagina. A cup can actually help those who are prone to yeast infections.

Our cups can last up to 5 years or more with proper care. However, a lot of our Frankettes like to change their yearly. It’s completely up to you.