Can I really save money?

Yup, that’s right a whole lot of dosh.

So you are unfamiliar with menstrual cups but you have heard many times they can be friendly on you wallet? Yes a menstrual cup in the long term will help you save thousands.

We understand that this may be a bit of an investment to start of with, possibly around 9 periods worth of single use in one hit! But when the average person has around 500 periods in their lifetime that $45 sounds pretty appealing right!

So here are a few facts broken down:

A person with periods generally has an average of a 5 day period

The average cycle is around 28 days giving you 13 periods per year!

A person with what we call an ‘average length and flow period’ will generally go through around 20-22 single use period products per period, possibly more if they use back up pads and liners.

An average period life span is around 40 years, that is an average of 520 periods in your lifetime!

When you multiply those 520 periods by 20 period products per period that is almost 11,000 single use period products you will go through. And not to mention end up in our landfills.

That is an average spend of $2500 in your period life span.

With a cup lasting you 5-10 years that means your cup investment is around $220. Now that is some serious saving.

Although we won’t lie, a lot of our Frankettes do love to change up their cups yearly or swap in for different colours and keep a spare just in case. But that is a choice that is up to you.

One cup is all you will need and with proper TLC you will get a whole lot of wear and savings from your Franki Cup.

We think using a menstrual cup is a no brainer! Not only will it give you period freedom with less toilet breaks, be better for your body but it will give you some extra dosh to spend on more important things in life!