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The Franki Mission

Franki Period Care is on a a mission to empower those with periods to discover an alternative to single use period care and to change the way we view and deal with periods. For too long there has been stigmas and taboos around periods all over the world and we want to change this! 

Periods are normal, periods are nothing to be ashamed of and period care does not just stop at pads and tampons! 

At Franki Period Care we want to create a safe, educational, self loving and fun social media platform for anyone with periods no matter what your gender or period care routine!

Franki is here to change period care one period at a time through some bloody awesome “period chat”!

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Meet the Founder

Chloe Ridge

Fellow Frankette, entrepreneur, mother and wife.

It wasn’t until the age of 37, after 2 babies and extremely heavy periods that I discovered menstrual cups by sheer luck! I decided to dive into the unknown of what I had just stumbled across and was amazed at how it transformed the days and not to mention nights on my periods.

I was also confused as to why in my 24 years of having periods I had never heard about them or come across them. And I realised I wasn’t alone!

Although I was familiar with the so called “period chats” not being something that was discussed regularly it really dawned on me that because of periods being so TABOO for so many, that many people with periods were missing out on knowing about better, easier and more comfortable period care available. 

I was totally new to the reusable period care game, but let me tell you I will never go back to single use. Not only are the personal benefits so much healthier and beneficial but it wasn’t until switching to reusable that I realised the amount of money I had spent on single use period care especially given my heavy periods. Not to mention the amount of waste I had created in those 24 years.

So I set on a mission to help spread the word that there is better period care out there than what most of us have been used to from such a young age. 

Franki was created as a fun bright brand to make that time of the month a little brighter! I wanted to appeal also to a younger generation as they are the ones that are newer to the period game and the ones that can really help make a change not only for themselves but for our environment. 

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the backstory

Unprepared. That is how I would describe my period journey!

Aged 13, I was offered ‘bare bones’ information that didn’t prepare me for the physical realities of periods. The shock, the steep learning curve and the sheer admin of it all with not knowing my body and much about how periods work made that time of the month hard.

Fast forward to age 37 and I found myself unprepared, again. Following two pregnancies, my periods had doubled in strength. This called for extra absorbency strength tampons and several changes during the day on my heavy days. It was by chance that I stumbled across period cups.
Evidently, I was late to this bloody party – my friends were all like “yeah, they are life-changing!” What I didn’t understand is why I had never been told about them, our friends and I share everything!