A period cup and public bathroom. What to do?

We are glad you asked, and it is a good question that many period cup user fear.

“How am I going to clean my cup if I do not have water in my cubicle!”

Right.. so first things first.
It is important to remember that your cup can hold 4-5 tampons worth of blood and can safely be kept in your vagina for up to 12 hours. So unless you are an extremely heavy bleeder most people find that popping their period cup in the morning and again at night should do the trick at keeping their days toilet break free for changing their period cup.

However not everyone has the same flow and if you are a first time user you may want to check your flow during your first few cycles until you get used to knowing how often your changes are required.

Another thing to note is if you remove your cup in a vertical position there should be little to no blood on the outside.Once you have emptied your blood in the toilet it is safe to reinsert however you may want to give it a wipe down with some toilet paper.

Here at Franki we have thought of everything. Our Franki Care Range does include our On The Go wipes which can slip into the smallest of handbags as a quick on the go cleaning solution. They are made from all natural ingredients and perfectly pH balanced for your vagina. They also can act as a little wet wipe for your hands.

We also have the Franki Pop Up Cup, which is effectively a cleaning cup for your period cup. It is super compact and all you need to do is pop it open fill it with water and bring it in the cubicle with you. Once you have emptied your period cup simply pop it in the cup cleaner, place the lid on it and give it a good shake, simply empty the contents and reinsert.

And don’t forget most establishments do have a special needs toilets available with running water and privacy. Don’t be afraid to use them if you really do feel panicked and aren’t sure what to expect.