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Meet your new period Bestie

The Franki Period Cup will totally transform your period care routine. With so many more benefits to single use period products we think it’s a pretty clever little thing.


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Long lasting


Better for you.

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Time to stack up the money spent on disposable period care each year and consider making the switch to a period cup.

Why Switch To Franki Cup?

We reckon it’s time to take back control of your periods!

With a Franki Cup you get up to 12 hours of period freedom. We think that’s pretty amazing. Long days at the beach, intense workouts and busy schedules will no longer be dictated by toilet breaks, sneaky leaks or cheeky strings finding their way out of your bikini.

Once you get the hang of your Franki Cup you will never look back. Your body, mind and soul will love you for it.

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Comfortable Rim

Easy to open and comfy, you won’t even know you’re wearing a cup

Soft & Durable

100% medical grade silicone


To allow for ease in locating your cup


For easy suction

Internal Markers

Get to know your flow with measure markers


For easy grip and squeeze

5 Years
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How long one Franki Cup will last you with proper care. Now that's more like it!
Only the
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100% FDA approved medical grade silicone
Peace of
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Period freedom at its best, 12-hour leak free protection
Lets make a
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Changing period care one period at a time
for the planet
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Reuseable for years, no more single use filling our landfills

time to up your period game

Say goodbye to disposable pads and tampons, and say hello to comfy, easy-as-pie reusable period care.
Franki is here to shake things up and give you and your vagina, veejay, foof – whatever you prefer to call it – some well-deserved menstrual TLC.
You’ll love it, your body will love it, the planet will love it. Period.
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franki is shaking

Franki is shaking things up

We know a good thing or two about periods and love a good chat. Fun, educational and serious, breaking down taboos about periods.

Become a period pro. Check out all our pro tips and tricks, articles, and step-by-step guides to make your journey to “feel good” period care a breeze.

Give The Planet Some Love

Did you know that tampons and pads have many harmful toxins, chemicals and plastics that harm not only your body but the environment?

With ONE Franki Cup you will save the planet from the tens of thousands of pads, tampons and packaging you would otherwise send to landfills in your “period lifetime”.

Lasting up to 5 years or more saving you a whole lot of dosh to spend on better things in life.

This will cost you less, keep your vagina and mother nature happy. Win, win!

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Welcome to the Franki Family, 

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